Debt rescheduling despite credit bureau entry

Loans and installment purchases are seductive. Quickly a wish can be fulfilled. One does not get faster to a new home furnishings, to a new PC, a new washing machine or a holiday dream. But loans must also be repaid. Who has taken over, hopes for a debt restructuring. In most cases, however, there is already a negative credit bureau entry. Is a rescheduling possible despite the credit bureau entry?

What is a credit bureau entry?

What is a credit bureau entry?

Basically, everything that has to do with financial transactions is registered in the credit bureau. If a checking account is opened, a mobile phone contract is concluded or a loan is requested, then an entry is made in the credit bureau, but these entries are not negative entries. This only occurs when invoices are no longer paid on time or when the installment payments for a loan or installment purchase fail to materialize.

With a good income and a good credit rating, it is easy to get a loan or sign up for an installment. However, there are always circumstances that make punctual payment of installments impossible. In most cases this is unemployment or a divorce.

Anyone who thinks about rescheduling in time despite credit bureau’s entry has good cards and can hope for a debt restructuring loan. This is only successful if there are no negative entries in the credit bureau. If the credit rating has already suffered, the prospects are very bad.

Act quickly before it’s too late

Act quickly before it

As long as only entries in the credit bureau are present, but they are not negative, a rescheduling should be chosen in time despite credit bureau entry. A rescheduling brings together all existing loans and installment contracts and open invoices in one total. From this point on, only one installment per month has to be paid. Thus, the borrower gets an overview of his financial obligations again and also has more money available monthly.

This process also saves interest, because they are even only once to pay. In addition, a timely debt restructuring protects against over-indebtedness. But this only succeeds if it is done on time and the credit rating has not suffered.

A rescheduling can be applied for at any bank. For most financial institutions, the purpose is at leisure and who applied for the loan online, does not even specify the purpose. With a loan calculator you can quickly find the bank with the best offers. These loan calculators are free and should always be used before a loan is closed.

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